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The Future of Oxygen Therapy

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Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS)

AIRS’ is FDA-registered and uniquely positioned as the leading respiratory provider of oxygen safety and data collection in oxygen delivery. AIRS’ has patent-protected products covering the full array of oxygen delivery systems including oxygen tanks, bulk, liquid, home concentrators, and portable oxygen systems.

Advancing Oxygen Therapy

Our devices help supplemental oxygen users by allowing key data to be viewed on our devices but also transmitted to our app portal where the data can be viewed and alerts including text messages can be sent. 

If you are a caregiver, medical device manufacturer, distributor, or investor and interested in learning more about Advanced Interactive Response Systems products for your organization get in touch by phone, email, or on our contact form at the bottom of the page. 


AIRS Responding to the Growing Oxygen Therapy Market Need

The global oxygen therapy market size was estimated at USD 10.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 18.2 billion in 2024.

AIRS is meeting this market challenge with continuous innovation.
Easier to Use

Not trusting the current equipment leads to patients misuse. 


Improving Care and Reducing Risk

Through misuse or from equipment calibration errors a patients' care, comfort, and/or treatment can suffer from lack of oxygenation.

Data Sharing and Notifications

Monitoring and data analysis increases the quality of care, patient outcomes, and future treatment developments.

AIRS Oxygen Monitoring Solutions

There are over 320 million COPD patients in the world—including chronic respiratory conditions—who often need oxygen therapy as part of their treatment. Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS) was founded to bring needed oxygen monitoring, regulation, data and reporting solutions to the market.

Monitoring Solutions

Moisture Exchange Tubing

The Moisture Exchange Tubing is the first portable humidifier. No water is needed because it takes the humidity from the air to give the same relative humidity as the environment.


Oxygen Flow Monitor

This device remotely monitors the oxygen user's SpO2, pulse, oxygen flow, tank status, and battery levels. This data is sent through built-in Wi-Fi to an app to remotely view data and send alerts.


AIRS Mobile App

The AIRS Mobile App is designed to fit the needs for both the caregivers and the oxygen users. It helps ensure the proper amount of oxygen is being delivered. Find out more about the AIRS Mobile App.


We have many exciting new products in development. Look for announcements coming soon on our Oxygen Flow Monitor and data reporting application.

AIRS Awards & Recognition

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