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Moisture Exchange Tubing


Automatically Humidifies the Air to Mimic the Environment

The first of its kind in portable O2 humidifiers, the Moisture Exchange Tubing uses the humidity from the air to give patients the same relative humidity from the environment to provide 6 months of portable humidity and resists bacterial growth for better patient health.

  • Resists bacteria growth

  • Automatically humidifies to mimic the environment

  • Portable - no water needed

  • Recommended on flows up to 4LPM

  • Lasts up to 6 months

  • FDA listed product

One end provides an easy connection to any oxygen source. Use with standard oxygen supplies such as tanks, concentrators, or bulk systems. A clear connector is on the other end of the tubing, to attach it to any nasal cannula of your choice.

Available For Purchase Today
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