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The AIRS Mission

To lead the technology and quality of care solutions for COPD and O2 therapy patients by partnering with quality organizations and dedicating ourselves to improving the lives of oxygen-dependent patients, the institutions, and caregivers who rely on O2 therapy.


Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS) was founded in Newaygo, Michigan by a registered respiratory therapist to bring needed oxygen solutions to the market. AIRS produces high-quality safety and monitoring products that improve patient health and caregiver performance.


Our O2 therapy designs are based on years of prior and ongoing research and customer discovery. As a Registered Respiratory Therapist, I saw so many care issues in oxygen therapy that weren’t being addressed. Our designs fit the needs of the oxygen user and are made to be user-friendly. Key data can be sent to the oxygen supplier, caregiver, and even family member. Having the ability to remotely monitor an oxygen user can help give them peace of mind, even when they are alone. 

Oxygen system irregularities can lead to patient respiratory distress, hypoxia, and damage to vital organs. AIRS is focused on respiratory innovations that bring peace of mind and solve the current oxygen issues.  


“Over my twenty years experience as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, the goal that has motivated me the most was to help oxygen therapy patients like my grandmother to “Breathe Easy”. AIRS’ is focused on bringing respiratory support technology that provides excellent quality of care so that oxygen therapy patients can enjoy a better quality of life.”


Valerie Obenchain – CEO, Registered Respiratory Therapist

Most Recent Awards & Recognition

Past Awards:
ACE Challenge
Women's Foundation Business Plan Award
Mid-Michigan Innovation Center Best Shot Award

This recognition by the most important organizations in oxygen therapy research and innovation continues to fuel our desire to innovate and improve. We want to be more than just relevant, we want to actually push the industry, and dramatically improve the quality of care for everyone who receives oxygen treatment. The ultimate reward for our leadership is through the satisfaction of our patients, caregivers, hospitals, manufacturer partners, and investors.

Professional Memberships


AIRS Company Timeline


  • Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS) was founded.

  • The first AIRS patent was issued in the United States.

  • The Founder Round was completed.


  • IPF Catalyst Challenge Winner.

  • Closed initial Seed Round.

  • AIRS wins the IPF Catalyst Challenge and a $333,333 grant.


  • Moisture Exchange Tubing – FDA Cleared and In-Market​

  • AIRS becomes an FDA-registered company.​

  • AIRS receives an SBA loan.


  • AIRS Web-App and Oxygen Flow Monitor Completed.

  • Key Partnership for Clinical Testing with COPD Foundation Established.

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Investor and Partner Information

If you are interested in learning more, there is additional information for our partners and investors.

  • Company Financial Preview

  • Investor Protocol

  • Product Development Timelines

  • Patents

  • Management Team

  • Scientific Advisory Team

  • Manufacturer & Distributor Partnerships

  • Development & Testing Partner

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