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Oxygen Alarm Application

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Comprehensive Patient Statistics  from HIPAA-compliant app.

Patients and caregivers can continuously monitor and track oxygen flow, SpO2, pulse oximetry, tank status, and battery levels using our AIRS App. Patients can receive timely and improved quality of care and reduce patient readmissions.

  • Tank consumption statistics inform treatment and tank replacement decisions.

  • Tank status and other analytics are sent directly to O2 suppliers to help prioritize deliveries

  • Remote monitoring of O2 and SpO2 helps ensure that the proper flow of O2, and the correct concentration of O2 is being delivered.

Provides Patients and Caregivers Text Notifications and Alerts

  • Patients receive timely care with the current status of their O2 tanks being sent to their caregivers.

  • Text notifications can help caregivers approach patients with the right course of action faster.

  • Caregivers can now stay consistently informed about their patients’ O2 priorities.

Currently in Testing for FDA Validation
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